Esteban Loaiza Was a ‘Sophisticated’ Cocaine Smuggler w/ $500k In Blow, Cops Say


Cops: Esteban Loaiza

‘Sophisticated’ Cocaine Smuggler

… w/ $500k In Blow

2/12/2018 10:08 AM PST

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Ex-MLB pitcher Esteban Loaiza was dealing $500,000 in cocaine from a home located steps away from a preschool … and was using “sophisticated” devices to hide it, cops say. 

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept. is now releasing details about Loaiza’s Feb. 9 arrest — saying he was busted during a drug-smuggling sting by the Border Crime Suppression Team. 

Loaiza was initially stopped by police during a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation — but a search of his car led to the discovery of a “sophisticated aftermarket compartment used to conceal contraband.”

Cops then got a warrant to search a home that Loaiza had been renting since early February — located “steps away from an area preschool” —  and found roughly 20 kilograms of suspected cocaine.

Estimated street value — $500,000.

Loaiza was booked into San Diego County Jail for 3 felonies — Possession of Cocaine Over 20 Kilograms, Possession of Cocaine for Sale, and Transportation of Cocaine.

His bail was set at $200,000. 

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